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Our law firm focuses on helping older and disabled persons with their legal needs. This could include assistance with paying for skilled care, ensuring their wishes are honored, protecting assets through a special needs trust or other type of trust, protecting existing government benefits if ongoing benefit coverage is threatened, and other issues related to aging, illness, and family planning. In addition, we help people of all ages with estate planning and tax planning issues for passing wealth after death without the need for probate and planning for the possibility of future incapacity.

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An Education-Based, Client-Centered Approach.

Our law firm understands there is no easy button to push to fix your serious concerns. We are not interested in dumbing-down or over-simplifying your issues. We are not into gimmicks. Our legal team understands the complexities and risks of your decisions. We believe in walking this journey together with an education-based, client-centered approach.

Together, We Will Explore the Options That Will Protect & Serve You Best.

We know that legal planning in the areas of long-term care planning, estate planning, and asset preservation can be confusing and unfamiliar for many people. Whether it is learning to navigate the Medicaid system, understanding laws that effect you or a disabled or elderly family member, or understanding documents we have prepared for you, personal attention to your case matters. You should feel comfortable with the options, the approach, and be an active part of the solution.

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Our Legal Team

We help clients and their families with a wide-range of long-term care issues, including Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits, other government programs, tax and estate planning, asset protection and Special Needs Trusts, and Probate matters. We represent clients in Medicaid and VA eligibility cases as well as matters involving the Missouri Department of Social Services, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), other Social Security Administration programs, and Veterans Administration. Our VA-accreditation authorizes us to represent clients in initial claims and appeals for Veteran Benefits. Attorney Bio